The European Clothing Action Plan

 An exciting new project between clothing industry partners to cut carbon, water and waste, bringing environmental and economic benefit to the sector and supporting a circular economy.

ECAP addresses the environmental challenges at every stage of the European clothing industry’s life cycle. Delivered by a unique consortium of specialist organisations, supported by EU LIFE funding. Feed the fibre cycle: Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, is setting up imaginative and innovative pilots with nine brands to develop clothes with recycled fibre content and increase their market share in fashion and garments.


 REMO helps advise on textiles recycling for ECAP pilot projects, and has done so for ASOS, Blycolin/Blue Loop Originals, HAVEP and the clothing chain JBC.
Many clothing companies do not know where to start with textile recycling. REMO (The Recycle Movement) is using its extensive network of suppliers to help others make relevant connections in the industry.