Blue Loop Originals introduces the REMO key in their products.

Dutch recycle platform Blue LOOP Originals is on a mission to give worn-out garments and textile waste a new life.

Since they launched their first items in the winter of 2013, they have silently been working on beautiful innovations that go beyond clothing. During several creative sessions we learned that we have two common passions: making people happy and to tickle people’s imagination about awesome things you can create with recycled yarns. Being part of a recycle movement, Blue LOOP Originals asked us to make their production and composition fully transparent. This enables them to come up with new concepts and talk in meaningful ways to their customers and partners.

From 2016 onward you can read in each Blue LOOP garment how much Water, CO2 and Energy has been saved using recycled fibers. To improve their climate footprint, Blue LOOP Originals tries to add more recycled fibers while maintaining a high quality standard and level of comfort.

Please visit to learn more about our collaboration, stumble upon their inspirational projects, get yourself some nice items and don’t forget ‘never throw your old jeans in the bin’. Who knows what they could have turned it into.